Greetings and salutations! I’m Literature Couture, and I want to say “thanks” for coming to visit me in the blogosphere. It’s funny that I’ve evolved into a blog, because I began life as a lesson plan.  My creator Jenn, in her non-blogging life, teaches English at a rural high school in North Carolina. She’d been writing product reviews for several months, but she’d never thought about undertaking an endeavor like me. Last year, two of Jenn’s students wanted to learn how to apply stage makeup.  She dug deep into her high school theatre skills, read up on the subject, and started experimenting. Pretty soon she had constructed a bevy of tutorials for her students; they even had the opportunity to work with special effects makeup artists from another city. Jenn’s students wanted to continue learning about makeup and she wanted a place to consolidate the cosmetic reviews she’d been writing for the past few years. Thus, I was born.

I am, like its creator, an eccentric object in continual development. I began as a collection of reviews and photographs and have grown into a resource for practical, everyday beauty as well as dramatic makeup, new product launches, cutting-edge beauty technology, and quirky uses for common cosmetics. Many posts are inspired by Jenn’s training in literary studies and her long-term obsessions; among the latter are Gothic novels, detective fiction, feminist theory, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Art Deco design, and abject art. Jenn’s  vegetarian ethics mean that no product mentioned in any post is tested on animals; she also refuses to write about treatments or products she thinks are produced or consumed by unethical means. Furthermore, Jenn firmly believes that I should be accessible to both genders, so she strives to write for both women and men who are interested in cosmetics and skin care.   

Throughout the wide variety of posts— costume creations, makeup tutorials, product reviews, purchasing “cheat sheets,” etc.—there is a consistent voice. I, Literature Couture, am the result of a special attitude that is strives to make beauty simultaneously irreverent, informational, and fun.  Jenn believes that it is possible to integrate the dramatic and the prosaic, the ethical and the luxurious, the skill and the fun that all go into learning about beauty. She hopes that I will provide inspiration, spark curiosity, and encourage experimentation among her readers. And, at the end of the day, she hopes that I will be a teaching tool for anyone with a computer and Internet access.

So, that’s me. Thanks for coming to visit me. I’m generally updated every morning and afternoon, so drop by often. Be sure to comment or send questions as well; Jenn loves it when people talk about me.Y’all come back now, hear?



Words matter

In accordance with FTC guidelines, I want to make clear the following terms in use on this blog:

If I make no mention of a product’s origin (my default), it means I have either (a) purchased the product with my own money, (b) received it as a free sample in an order or a GWP (gift with purchase), OR (c) requested the sample as a customer at a beauty store like Sephora or Ulta. In all cases where the origin of a product is not specified, it means that a company did not send me a product and that no company is aware of my reviews, endorsements, or criticisms.

If I say something was a gift, it means that family/friends gave me the product; the company did not send it to me and does not know I am reviewing/using it.

If I say the product I’m using/reviewing is “press,” it means the product was sent to me from a company/PR firm for use and/or review. I did not pay money for it and the product was sent to me in hopes I would review it positively.

If I say the product is an endorsement, it means I have contracted with the company to try their products in exchange for the company advertising on my site (don’t worry, this last one will probably never happen.)

I promise you, readers, to always review products fairly and accurately, based solely on my use of the product. I promise never to post a paid review of a product.I promise never to positively review a product I don’t like because I am in a business arrangement with the manufacturer. I promise to always give you my unfiltered, honest-to-God opinion.


Re-posting and Copyright

All content on this site is © Literature Couture, except in cases where I have clearly acknowledge the content is from another source (links, image credits, etc.) You are free to re-post content from this blog as long as you (a) publish a fair and accurate copy (no cutting out the middle of my posts!), (b) acknowledge in the post that the content is from www.literaturecouture.com, and (c) do not engage in libel. If you own the rights to an image and want it removed from this blog, please email literaturecouture@gmail.com and I will comply as soon as humanly possible.


Make Good Choices

The tutorials are my own intellectual property and out of my own odd head; as such, they are not tested by professional make up artists. I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, a professional makeup artist. I review products and use them solely through trial and error. I try my best to alert readers to potential irritants, etc. in products, but do not always catch everything. Use all products mentioned in this blog at your own risk. Always read labels on cosmetics before applying/using. I’m a smart kid, but I don’t have a degree in chemistry, so use your common sense and reasonable judgment about the information on this blog.