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Happy Holiday Travels with this Multi-Tasking Wonder

Looking to slim down your makeup bag for holiday travel? Join the club. The problem is that many palettes on the market come with unwearable combinations of shades or aren’t multitaskers. For a cheaper alternative to pricey build-your-own palettes (though Laura Mercier  and Bobbi Brown make great ones), try my newest find: The Clarins Pro Palette Eyebrow Kit. Do not be fooled by the name; this kit is the ultimate multi-tasker and goes way beyond brows. With a little ingenuity, this kit can do a complete makeup look:

The kit contains three powder shades, a pan of wax, a highlighting powder, and three tools. Here’s how I used it:


  1. I ditched the tweezers and replaced them with another spooley (clean mascara wand; I just snipped off the handle with scissors so it would fit into the palette.)
  2. I also added a travel sachet of eyedrops over the powders (the palette still closed).


  1. I took the included applicator and, using the brow brush side, dipped it into the lightest powder.
  2. I then used short strokes, beginning at the middle of the brow and going outward. I finished with the inner part of the brow to get a more natural look.
  3. I took the included spooley and rolled it lightly over the wax. I then passed the spooley over my brows to set them with the wax.


  1. I used my fingers to press the highlighting powder over my eyelid from lashline to browbone, and then on the inner corners of my eyes.
  2. I used the sponge-tip side of the applicator and loaded it up with the middle pan of shadow. I pressed the sponge-tip on my lashline to pack in the powder, then smudged for a softer look.
  3. I saturated the brush side of the applicator with eyedrops until it was wet. I then swirled the damp applicator into the left-hand pan of shadow. I used this wet shadow to line my top waterline.
  4. Once I finished my DIY liner, I moved on to making mascara. I took the extra spooley I included in place of the tweezers and rolled it in the wax. I then combed the wax onto my lashes.
  5. Next, I added a few eyedrops to the the left-hand pan  of shadow (the darkest shade). I rolled the spooley into the damp shadow and combed it through my lashes. The wax on my lashes grabbed the pigment, and voilà! Instant mascara substitute. (If you want more volume, simply repeat the process, alternating wax and shadow pigment.)


  1. I ran my finger over the wax and patted it onto my lips. I then took another clean finger and pressed it into the highlighting powder. I then pressed my finger over my lips so the powder adhered to the wax.


  1. I used my fingers to lightly apply highlighting powder to my cheekbones and the center of my forehead.

I went through the process of making liner, mascara, lipstick, and blush because I wanted the challenge of creating a full face look with one palette. On a more regular basis, I intend to add a travel-sized mascara, a pack of blotting papers, a sample tube of BB cream, and a combination lip/cheek tint to  this palette and have a complete work makeup bag. Even without the added extras, this palette still allows you to create several different eye looks (smokey, work-appropriate, cat-eye) and groom brows. This is the first non-custom palette I’ve ever seen that does exactly what I want it to do, in a tiny package (slightly bigger than a credit card and quite thin), and at a reasonable price ($35.) All in all, I’m sold.

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